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Kekovich loses his marbles in MLA’s new Aus Day ‘lambnesia’ campaign


Kekovich loses his marbles in MLA’s new Aus Day ‘lambnesia’ campaign


‘Lambassador’ Sam Kekovich is back on our screens for Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) new Australia Day lamb campaign, but this time he’s lost his marbles after taking a cricket ball to the scone.

The blow to the head, which was staged during a Channel Ten weather report and posted to Ten’s YouTube channel, set the scene for the ‘Lambnesia’ campaign, which sees Kekovich take to a therapist’s couch to recount symptoms of unAustralianess onset since the head blow.

He hallucinates about AFL players in tutus, getting his fingernails painted in the same bright yellow as Seal sported on The Voice and dancing Gangnam Style, before urging viewers to take a test for unAustralianness at lambnesia.com.au.

The test asks participants to rate a series of images as Australian or unAustralian, before rating your Australianness and prescribing a course of action to boost levels including recipes for lamb meals.

The video, by creative agency BMF, was posted to MLA’s ‘LambAustraliaDay’ YouTube channel yesterday and unveiled by Kekovich on Sunrise this morning.


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