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Kiwi TV2 movie ads hit the streets


Kiwi TV2 movie ads hit the streets


While the movie has been out for nearly two years, Saatch & Saatchi helping New Zealand network TV2 to advertise for a Mission Impossible 3 movie screening with a campaign involving a rival TV network and wild animals.

First, a billposter advertising Mission Impossible 3 was plastered over the front windows of TV3 headquarters in Auckland, NZ, reading ‘Mission Objective: advertise this movie in enemy territory’ – very cheeky.

A second billposter was set up in the lion enclosure at Auckland Zoo, stating ‘Mission Objective: advertise this movie in a lion enclosure’, was installed with the help of zoo officials, though this one was more short-lived – the poster was quickly torn apart by one of the lions.

On top of the billposters, a specially designed Sanyo banner on the network’s website containing a built in ‘time-bomb’ was set up so the picture would morph into the TV2 Mission Impossible 3 advertising.

This latest advertising strategy is part of an ongoing campaign for TV2 movies it seems. The network approved a number of billboards for an American Psycho screening earlier this year, including an American flag with a bloody handprint and a hotel with blood-stained windows.

A gruesome billboard was also created for a Kill Bill screening in May, with a shot of Uma Thurman wielding a sword given an extra dimension with a large ‘blood’ splatter from the billboard down the wall and onto the footpath and several parked cars – gory stuff for your drive to work.

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