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Love, globally


Love, globally


Fancy yourself a global presence with websites catered to various international audiences? For a few helpful tips, perhaps its time you jump on a dating site! According to Dave Heysen, co-founder and CEO of Oasis, owning company of local dating site Oasis Active, dating profiles created around the world are varied, and reflect the cultures of each country.

Speaking to Marketing, Heysen, whose company have launched online dating sites in the UK, US, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and various Spanish speaking countries attributes the success of Oasis to the different ways in which the websites speak to each culture different.

Reporting a 157% growth in global membership in the past year and with more than four million members, Heysens says: “Its success is thanks to the specific tailoring of the site for each culture, market and language.”

While the site is known locally as Oasis Active, it is named Oasis in the interntional market and known as Amor en Linea (which translate to ‘Love Online’) in the Spanish-speaking countries.

“We chose a name with the word ‘love’ inside for the Spanish-speaking audience because they take love and relationship very seriously and would respond better to a name like Amor en Linea,” explains Heysens.

Heysen also believes that tailoring websites to suit international audiences is crucial in sending across a brand message that was authentic,

“If we just ran out website through a translation program, it is very easy for native users to see through it because both the language and expressions will be wrong.”

Apart of hiring native speakers and residents from their various international destinations, Oasis, who runs all their global websites from Australia, also spend time researching into foreign websites to understand internet expressions and trends of different cultures.

Heysen believes that a key to penetrating global markets is to thoroughly understand each destination’s culture and consumer behaviour.

“We use more pink in our Spanish sites because they are a passionate culture and like romance. Our Spanish-speaking members also like uploading pictures of themselves in staged poses. Australians, on the other hand, are true sports and travel fans, and most of their pictures are of them on holiday or enjoying the outdoors,” says Heysen.

“I’ve also noticed that Aussies love showing off their tattoos!”

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