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Mag Nation introduces Undies Monday promotion


Mag Nation introduces Undies Monday promotion


Magazine retailer Mag Nation has announced a promotion that encourages consumers to enter its stores in their underpants for free magazines.

According to the company’s CEO and ‘chief magazineologist’ Sahil Merchant, the ‘Undies Monday’ initiative is aimed at reflecting the brand’s playful nature.

“The world is way too serious and lacking of genuine free lunches. Given we like both, we have come up with an antidote which we like to call ‘Undies Monday’,” said Merchant in a post on the Mag Nation website.

Consumers are encouraged to walk into any mag nation store just in their underwear and receive any magazine, book or stationery item of their choice up to the value of $50 for free.

The promotion is good for one appearance each person, ends at midnight on 29 March (or “earlier at our discretion if we determine that Undies Mondays will lead to our ruination”), and does not count if people strip off in the store (“You have to walk in, in your undies”). Consumers must be over 18 to participate.

“Undies do not include swimwear or gym wear… genuine undies/lingerie only! If you enter in your birthday suit, we will not serve you. We don’t want anything to do with that!” explained Merchant.

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