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Marketing industry lacking young talent


Marketing industry lacking young talent


Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has reported growing difficulties in recruiting talented staff to fill key marketing positions.

The AANA also reported on a shortage of young talent entering the marketing industry, as the sector faces competition from higher paying industries such as financial services, law and applied science.

CEO of AANA, Scott McClellan commented about the situation, “Many advertisers have also noticed that their agencies are struggling to hold on to good staff, and there is growing frustration with turnover and having to skill-up and brief the ‘new faces’ working on their businesses. There is concern among marketing heads that our tertiary institutions are not turning out graduates who can quickly move into responsible junior marketing roles in the business.”

“Marketing needs to be perceived by young people coming out of high school as an exciting and rewarding career option,” explained Joe Talcott, AANA Chairman.

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