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Marketing Mags Fab Five


Marketing Mags Fab Five


It’s not often retail sales promotions can effectively advertise for free on people, and that those people will probably enjoy being advertised on. This effort from DDB Auckland manages to do that, taking advantage of ever-higher creeping shorts to print an ad on surprised public seat sitters. Courtesy of DesignerHK


We wrote about it here already. Number 2 is the new number 1. This inescapable campaign is taking iiNet in to new territory. It’s one of the big boys now, how long can it’s nice guy image last as it gets bigger?

Charlie Sheen
Somewhere deep down, I thought this was a brilliant rebranding campaign orchestrated by Charlie Sheen’s PR machine to make him Hollywood’s greatest bad boy. I saw roles as the villain in the next Batman film, a reality TV show, and a biopic called ‘Chuck’ starring Jamie Fox as Sheen. Watching Sheen in action, though, you realise it’s all straight from the black heart, and his PR people have deserted him. This is a car crash, but a glorious one, where everyone is alive at the end. For now. Sheen has a new Twitter account too, it racked up over a million followers in just over 24 hours, it's a Twitter record. Sheen is more famous than ever, but is it for the wrong reasons? Where do you think Charlie Sheen stands in the pantheon now? Is he employable, or a potential endorser for a major brand? He has already signed up for ad.ly to endorse brands on Twitter. Or is he a wash up? Watch that interview here….


If you don’t like Derek Jeter, you probably shouldn’t live in New York. His face is just about everywhere, with many different brand logos along side it. Perhaps his face has never been bigger than this, though, it’s a massive billboard for Gillette that changes everyday. Simple ideas are often the best, and this one certainly got people snapping their phone cameras. Watch the cheesy campaign video below.

Cadbury Creme Eggs
As soon as 2011 clicks in to gear, Supermarkets pull out the Easter buns. By the start of March, the suspense is already killing me. Yep, we’ve still got near on two months until that massive celebration where we toast to Jesus Christ by eating chocolate, but the chocolate brands are out in force and upping the stakes for your brown dollar (doesn’t sound so tasty, actually). Cadbury Crème Eggs took over YouTube yesterday, and have put together a handful of pithy little spots showing the product in action, in some sort of alternative reality where chocolate eggs behave like humans. Does it make you want to buy chocolate?

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