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Melbourne to be NBN home


Melbourne to be NBN home


The National Broadband Network (NBN) team has chosen Melbourne as its home.

The selection of Melbourne as the team’s home may mean much of the early rollout will occur in and around the city. This could prove a significant advantage to digital businesses in testing and development of new media options made possible via the upgrade.
While the rollout may advantage businesses in the short run, Mike Quigley, NBN Co CEO, has indicated he wants to decentralise the network administration across the country.

The NBNs a terrific opportunity not only for us but for all the players in telecoms to finally get a chance to compete on a level playing field in the residential home market, said Paul O’Sullivan, CEO of Optus.

The high bandwidth that goes into homes will offer a whole range of services and it will also mean that we can converge what you do in your home… with what you do on your mobile device, said Sullivan.

The network aims to bring broadband speeds of up to 100mbps to 90% of Australian businesses and homes.

The government-owned company, NBN Co has already begun to rollout the NBN in Tasmania, but over the weekend advertised seeking general managers and junior staff. NBN Co is expected to employ into 3 figures.

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