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Microsoft partners with Nielsen’s NeuroFocus to pin-point consumer behaviour


Microsoft partners with Nielsen’s NeuroFocus to pin-point consumer behaviour


Microsoft has partnered with Nielson to analyse consumers’ reactions to Windows 8 in-app ads and increase engagement with brands.

The research uses Nielsen’s NeuroFocus testing to measure brain impulses subconscious consumer reactions to Windows 8 in-app ads can be gauged.

Matt James, managing director, Mi9 Media explains, “Given that ads in apps for Windows 8 are new to market, we are committed to testing and learning what is working in the early stages of development to continually evolve and improve the Windows 8 experience.”

“Our priority is to put the consumer’s needs and motivations at the heart of every ad experience we deliver in Australia. Central to this is going beyond tracking what people do and discovering the actions driving their behaviour.

“It’s pretty exciting to move beyond just asking people what they think of an ad. We can now monitor actual emotional responses and see what a person really feels about the content they see and whether it will increase their propensity to buy something.”

Microsoft claims initial results showed brands which advertised in Windows 8 apps experience a ‘halo effect’ and consumers exposed to ads in apps also shifted their perceptions and became more familiar with the advertised brand.

Further details of the Windows 8 in-app ad studies will be released at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity later this month.

“Ads that are intrusive, lack authenticity or just plain bland are not going to make consumers feel closer to or better about a brand. The unique design of Windows 8 allows for an immersive app experience and develops a connection with the consumer, serving to increase their engagement and loyalty long-term. We’re looking forward to using the results of this project to improve the consumer’s advertising experience,” James says.



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