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Moments with marketers: Ed Smith


Moments with marketers: Ed Smith


Marketingmag.com.au chats to Ed Smith – the chief commercial officer of News Digital Media. If you would
like to see a certain
marketer profiled, please email your suggestion to Kate Kendall, online
editor, on [email protected].

1. What do you do?

I’m the chief commercial officer for News Digital Media. Our team designs the ad products that commercialise News Ltds websites, sell and serve the ads and analyse traffic figures.

2. What was your first job?

Ha – I grew up in the country and was an irrigation contractor, but my first marketing job was sponsorship and events manager for the Mt. Buller ski resort.

3. What did you study?

I studied science at Monash University, I was going to be a geologist, but I didn’t finish it. Later I returned to Monash and did an MBA.

4. Describe a typical day?

I like to get up early, about 6am, so I can have a relaxed breakfast and read the papers – it’s easier now daylight savings has ended.

I get to work about 7:30 or 8:00am – my favourite days are when lots of different things are happening. Some days I could be working on an operations issue, then a finance issue, then a HR issue, then time with a client or agency, then something creative with the product team. I love those days.

I train at City Gym most nights at 6.30pm. I fractured my back in a skiing accident and keeping strong to support my back is very high on my priority list.

Then I’m a granny and go to bed really early, about 9:30pm during the week.

5. What is on the agenda for 2009?

I’d love to tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

6. What brand do you love the most? Hate the most? Why?

I love design and technology – Apple and BMW do this really well.

I love what Nike are doing with Nike ID, make your own shoes. Adidas have this in their Pitt St (Sydney) store, and I love what Adidas Originals did with the House Party video, commissioning Pilooski to remix Frankie Valli Beggin.

7. What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

Probably the invention of TV and I think, when we look back, this will be surpassed by the creation of the internet.

8. Where can people find you?

In the office, with clients, at home, at the gym or skiing down a long deserted slope.


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