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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


Yet another interesting week for the Monsieur – from 3D baseball cards to skiing toilets, it has been a gold mine for the weird and wonderful.

When I was a child back in the old country, we would collect cigarette cards: 2cm x 2cm, they were emblazoned with pictures of our sporting heroes on them. These were our most treasured possessions, which we would trade, discuss and wage child-like wars over.

Oh how the simple ‘pictures on paper’ format has changed… welcome to the 21st century.

Topps has created a 3D interactive baseball card that will allow users to see miniature digital representations of their favourite players through webcams or mobile phone handsets.

Pressing selected keys will allow the user to make their player pitch a ball or complete some other kind of sporting action. Gone are the days of imagining your hero doing heroic things – now he can do them in front of you.

Apparently the next step is to include video content as well. Blade Runner anyone?

Campaigns can always be built around interesting creative and might determine the fate of the campaign. For some brilliant photographic art, check out the work of frank, a Melbourne based photographer with the ability to get the right look for the right moment.

Imagery that will make your mouth water, was one description I heard in the office.

Finally, have you ever wanted to make your bathroom trip more like a… well a trip? Next time you’re in Japan, check out the Georgia Max Coffee house toilets – a ski expedition without leaving the lightning box.

The toilet is fitted with an armrest control panel, with ski protruding from the bottom of the lavatory base. The walls are wrapped with a scenic skiing motif, to ad to the user experience.

Hopefully the seats aren’t as cold as a real ski trip – I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to remove your arse from a frozen one!

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