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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


Just a quick couple for all of you creative lovers in Adland.

Puma has released its new campaign entitled L.I.F.T and, well… it’s a little unusual. It’s uncommon to see a large brand to go out on a limb and sanction a creative that looks like a contemporary existential performance by an experimental New York theatre group.

With that said, the folk from Droga 5 have done an excellent job of breaking the norm when it come to big brand campaigns – it’s unlikely that you’d see Nike or any other of Puma’s competitors presenting a creative this radical.

Online ad appreciation site Computerlove, aptly commented “Dont you love when art just goes deep into advertising?”

Also, see below for the first campaign poster for Spike Jonze’s version of children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are.

Critics fear that the movie may miss the magic that book has created for kids for so long, but from the looks at the sneak trailers that have been appearing, it’ll be something special.

Au revoir!

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