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Mums dominate digital


Mums dominate digital


According to research just released by MySpace.com, over 73,000
Australian mothers between the ages of 21-34 are using MySpace.com.
Traditionally considered the realm of young adults or teens, these
findings are consistent with Nielson’s demographic insights, which tell
us 68% of the total Australian MySpace population, around 2 million
users, are 18 years and above.

The survey, conducted in early 2008, revealed that thousands of Aussie
mums under 35 from all walks of life use MySpace to seek parenting
advice, connect with friends, pursue business interests and reconnect
with the adult world. Marketers wanting to target this flourishing
community will be interested in the following insights into mothers’
social networking habits:

  • Almost 80% use MySpace to have some time out from the kids and re-connect with the adult world
  • 66% believe MySpace has allowed them to overcome some of the isolation associated with motherhood
  • 75% believe MySpace provides them with a connection to the broader community
  • Over 70% say MySpace is like a digital coffee shop where you connect with friends.

One of the most popular MySpace mothers profiles in Australia, ‘The
Mummy Hideaway’
run by 21-year old
new mother Holly from South West Sydney, not only puts young mothers in
touch with one another, but also provides links to useful parenting
sites, hosts polls on parenting practices and provide forums for
parents to share stories. As a social destination which allows users to
chat and blog, as well as upload photo and video content, tales of
spending extended periods of time on MySpace like Holly are typical.

So marketers, the facts are in – so direct your digital dollars at the mums of this country.

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