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MySpace aiming high on made-for-web content


MySpace aiming high on made-for-web content


Nielsen Online has released research focusing on the effects of brand integration into online video content and presence, following Bonds and Spring Valley’s appearances in MySpace video’s Kiss or Miss.

Bonds and Spring Valley were allowed ownership of Kiss or Miss, with logo placement across the program on MySpace Video and in the networks application gallery, including co-branded run of site advertising and product placement throughout the program.

Advertisers and the MySpace Video team leveraged the celebrity of the participants of the show and created weekly 90-second segments for each brand that integrated the product into an entertaining skit focussed around the product.

Touted by the social networking giant as ‘the dating show that could only happen online’ Kiss or Miss ran from March to April 2009 on MySpace, with users winning their chance to appear on the show.

Nielsen Online research conducted through the March/April period of MySpace programming found that 53% of Kiss or Miss visitors intend to purchase Bonds in the next four weeks.

91% of MySpace users were favourable toward Bonds without being prompted, compared to 95% when told it was associated with the show.

The research also said that 60% of Kiss or Miss visitors would recommend Spring Valley compared to 48% of non Kiss or Miss visitors (MySpace users), a 12% increase.

“We know that music and video are key points of difference for MySpace and that MySpace users typically engage extremely well with online AV content. The Kiss or Miss case study highlights how a range of different brands can now not only be associated with the free content, but within the social networking environment there is a myriad of extra functionality which helps increase engagement with the marketers brands,” explained Tony Marlow, research director for Nielsen Online.

MySpace indicates it will be continuing made-for-web content through its upcoming Road Tour 2 program.

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