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Nespresso: how sachet coffee became high fashion


Nespresso: how sachet coffee became high fashion


The Nespresso coffee maker juggernaut is continuing to impress coffee drinkers, with the growing brand announcing the launch of a new Sydney flagship store.

Christophe Cornu, chief commercial officer of Nestle Nespresso SA, said the opening of the The 330 square metre ‘boutique’ in Pitt street Mall caps a year of global expansion, and marks Australia’s performance as one of the fastest growing Nespresso markets worldwide.

Marketing magazine got the thoughts of Public Design Groups Jason Pollard on how Nespresso has become such a popular accessible luxury experience.

“There is an the abundance of good coffee in Australia, and the failure of Starbucks, proves how Australians feel about coffee,” Pollard tells Marketing magazine, “so for me, the fascinating thing about Nespresso is the way it has commoditised coffee, it’s a remarkable achievement. We’re told coffee should be fresh, made in front of you, yet here we are, happily buying up the machines and the packets. It’s diametrically opposed to everything we were told coffee should be.”

Pollard thinks that getting A-list celebrity endorses has certainly played its part in Nespresso’s growth.

“It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve been successful,” he says. “Look at the dollars they’ve put in, with John Malkovich and George Clooney, the advertising, and store designs for what is essentially a straight-forward machine and something that comes in a packet. It’s impressive.”

“Nespresso has turned coffee in to trophy shopping. Its about the experience, consumers will walk around after shopping and have their Prada bag and be quite happy to have the Nespresso bag next to it. Nespresso has turned into one of the brands we’re proud of. It’s so cleverly done. It’s so well integrated: packaging, store experience, advertising; everything is very highly polished.

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