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New logo for Brand South Australia set to open doors


New logo for Brand South Australia set to open doors


South Australian premier Jay Weatherill last night launched the state’s new brand logo in a public light and sound show in Elder Park where its image was projected onto the sails of the Festival Theatre.

The rebrand is a result of what the premier describes as people being “too often unaware of where South Australia is”, he told the gathering. This would help them realise.

Brand SA aus

“The success of this brand will lie in its uptake. All of our industries could use this brand to pitch their products on the world stage.”

The logo features a bold red outline of Australia with doorways at its centre, representing the South Australian borders, with the latest look aimed to “make a bold statement about our place in Australia and our place in the world”, according to Weatherill.

The liberating image of the doorway is seen as a symbol of welcoming people of all walks into the State. In essence, it is to sell the state overseas and help reap financial gain through the tourism dollar courtesy of its inviting imagery.

The designing and launching of the brand cost $1.34 million, taken from existing government agency budgets. Yesterday’s launch was just of the logo itself, which has received somewhat of a panning on social networks. The meatier aspects behind the rebrand are believed to be several weeks away from official launch, but there is more information at brandsouthaustralia.com.au.

Of those polled last night, many believed the colour made them recall red wine (for what the State is famous for with a plethora of wineries) and the Sturt Desert Pea, the floral emblem of the land.

World-renowned branding agency Cato Purnell Partners designed the brand assets, which feature the name of the state but no slogan, to help it be of a timeless nature.

Event and film company Kojo had 25 animators, sound composers, designers and special effects artists working on the brand production for the past month in order to launch with a bang.


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