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New kid on the online polling block


New kid on the online polling block


The Global Poll, a new online polling service, has been established to help generate conversations about ‘anything and everything’ and serve as a market research tool.

The polling site allows users to undertake a poll or vote at no cost, then captures results and voter demographics and presents them live.

It will also offer an onsite text polling service that allows event coordinators, marketers and venues to organise an instant opinion poll or competition by asking attendees to send their answer using their mobile phone.

To celebrate its launch The Global Poll will be running a competition for voters and pollsters, inviting people and organisations to submit poll questions they would like to see live on launch day.

The three prize packages, valued at $2,173 each, will be awarded pollsters submitting the most popular poll question prior to launch, for pre-registering their details prior to launch and for voting on polls.

“[It] is based on user-generated content – pollsters and voters will lead where the website is going through their questions and answers and will have the opportunity to comment on poll results through our blog,” says The Global Poll brainchild, Bruce Mott.

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