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New MS campaign highlights suffering of others


New MS campaign highlights suffering of others


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects not only those diagnosed with the disease but also family, friends and the broader community. MS Australia’s 30-second television advertisement, which launches today, is a creative reflection of this element of MS.

“MS is a devastating disease that not only presents an array of symptoms such as loss of balance and muscle coordination, slurred speech, tremors and memory problems, but also impacts greatly on relationships with family and friends and results in a multitude of social issues,” says Arli Miller, national media manager for MS Australia.

Approximately 18,000 Australians have MS with three times as many women as men affected. The onset of symptoms occurs most often between the ages of 20 and 40; the average age is just 30. The television commercial, produced by Plutonium Communications, will be aired nationally and supported by additional media right throughout August.

Through the advertisements main character, 12 year old Kelly, we see that MS not only results in disabling symptoms for those diagnosed with the disease, but also creates an uncertain future for family.

Ms Miller says that many creative people contributed their time and effort to bring this important message to life and that each one deserves the thanks of the whole community.

“MS is unpredictable and those living with it don’t know what tomorrow holds. Symptoms very from person to person and can come on without warning, which makes planning family activities difficult.

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