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New whitepaper discusses NBN impacts


New whitepaper discusses NBN impacts


A new whitepaper has been released discussing the myriad effects of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Released by Bullseye, ‘business@100Mbps – A View of the Firm of the Future’ aims to discuss practical applications and opportunities the NBN will offer. The NBN rollout will begin later this month.

Referred to as the ‘First Thoughts’ report, it outlines some key portents of change that might occur with the advent of high-speed broadband, and the potential impact across business and the business environment. The company believe these changes are so far-reaching that they will drive new business and social paradigms.

Bullseye indicates that it intends to develop a ‘Final Thoughts’ report for release next year and are asking for commentary from business and thought leaders.

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