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Olly’s online video advertising tip 1: Relevance


Olly’s online video advertising tip 1: Relevance


This is the first in a five-part series of tips for brands looking at getting the most out of online video ads, by YouTube’s Olly Grundy.


Family SUVs are not the stuff dreams are made of. Unless those dreams also contain wet hankies, used nappies and a lot of storage space.

The first lesson for brands looking at online video is this: be relevant.

Of course, targeting your message to your audience is not new. But it’s actually pretty hard when you are marketing a car that is trying to be everything to everyone.

Traditionally, car makers have had to choose one or another feature to promote in a TVC: should they promote price, performance, storage or safety? This is hard when different buyers respond to different purchase triggers.



But online video doesn’t have this restriction. Holden has annotated its digital video ads with click-­through options that allow viewers to hone in on what they are interested in.

A bit like a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ book, viewers select information relevant to them, and get to explore it in more depth. As the ad runs, for instance, they can click on ‘seating’, ‘safety’, or a number of other purchase triggers. This allows the buyer to decide what information they want to hear about (and what information they don’t).

The benefit of this for brands is that not only can their content be more relevant to potential buyers, they can also measure what aspects of their ad people are engaging with, giving them real­time feedback on what people are interested in.

This is what online video is about: using digital’s unique creative and technological capabilities to get more out of a brief.


Olly Grundy

Olly Grundy is head of YouTube Solutions (Australia/New Zealand)

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