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Over the hump …


Over the hump …


You cant move these days for people trying to show you their fancy new iPhones (jealous? Moi? Well, ok, just a bit!), but within mobile circles theres probably more buzz right now around the recent announcement that Google will be releasing the first handset to feature their long-awaited Android mobile operating system. If youre really curious about that, check out this video of the Android OS in action, which features a sneak peek at the new operating system.

But the Barber isnt here to put out product release announcements. Instead, Im going to share my biggest passion about mobile phones, the games on them, and more specifically, one game.


You see, no matter how many pixels they manage to jam into a tiny mobile screen, none of the games Ive seen on mobile recently even come close to the addictiveness of snake.

And to show you just how good it is, some students in Poland decided to recreate a game of snake in their own way.

Check out the video below

Sure, theyve clearly got lots of spare time on their hands in Poland, but from one die-hard snake fan to you all, I shout:

Bring back snake!

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