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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


Just when you thought that all the best promotional products had already been developed.

For Over the Hump this week we look at a new way to promote your company – insert your logo onto people’s breakfast!

Enter the Darth Vader Toaster, a great way to nerdify your morning meal.

The toaster burns an effigy of the dark lord of the Sith onto bread to make the Star Wars themed toast – ‘Luke, I am your toaster’ would be a great slogan to accompany it.

Tasteless Star Wars jokes aside, while it may seem like one more kitschy product designed for George Lucas to add another story to his house/space station, the potential of ‘bread branding’ as being the new, have-to-have promotional product is clear.

Imagine your company’s logo emblazoned across people’s toast. They’ll see you everyday and laugh to themselves as they reach for the butter, “How peculiar – logo toast”. The trouble, though, will come when they spread vegemite…

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