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Over the hump …


Over the hump …


Whoever decided that it was a good idea to pack humans into office conditions that battery hens have come to expect needs their head examined.

Every day millions of Australians trudge resentfully to these strip-lit, nylon-carpeted gulags,
where they are bombarded by requests from equally uninspired worker
drones, themselves imprisoned in their own carbon-copy red tape
factories across Australia.

When did we stop asking for better working conditions? Why do we sit
around marvelling at Googles office spaces when we should be badgering
our board-level overlords for our own inspiring work pods?

Fortunately, we here at Marketing have broken this cycle of
imaginative asphixiation by pimping our desk spaces – witness the early
stages of imagineering my desk space in the preview image!

Sadly though, there are still many for whom grey injection-moulded plastic is their vista from 9-5. Spare a thought for them, and if you are one of the unfortunates trapped in your own business cell, take some solace in the fact that you are not alone.

The four videos below show what happens When Offices Go Bad –
expect this series on Channel 10 now that Big Brother has finally got
the axe.

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