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Whos who in the Zoo: Lowe appoint new creative team


Whos who in the Zoo: Lowe appoint new creative team


Sydney-based advertising agency Lowe have announced the further strengthening of its creative department with the appointment of a new creative team, Nathan Lennon and Dave Gibson.

Lennon and Gibson, copywriter and art director respectively,
recently returned from London where they worked at various leading
agencies, most notably BBH.

They will be working across all media platforms, including new media with Lowe’s digital specialist agency Rivet.

Nathan and Dave are a fantastic addition to the Lowe department.
Having most recently been full-time at BBH London, their craft and
conceptual skills, as you’d expect, are extremely well developed.
However, beyond this, they also share a huge passion with us for the
new media landscape, which was the other prerequisite for me, and in
fact they’ve delivered a brilliant experiential idea for the Socceroos
already, Lowe Executive Creative Director Dave Johnson said.

Commenting on their appointment, Lennon said: Lowe has a heritage
of brave, award-winning work, and were looking forward to helping Dave
[Johnson] and the agency build on this.

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