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Over the hump …


Over the hump …


You spend months planning a fully integrated campaign, involving multiple channel strategies, a comprehensive promotional push, a blogger outreach intiative to seed your product in the blogosphere and late night after late night trying to encapsulate the brand identity in multiple different agency executions that havent quite got it yet.

You work tirelessly to make sure that your product is distributed in the right channels, that retailers are aware of the significance of the new colour and that point of sale materials do your hard work justice at the coalface, that the price point is sensitive to the market and that your packaging is sensitive to the environment. In fact, so much sensitivity is expended that by the time you get home to your better half, youre all but out of a kind word to say.

And no matter all the effort you put in, the whole thing ends up completely screwed by the placement of your advertising. All that your consumer remembers (and all that the blogosphere talks about – yes, us included!) is how funny it looked that the exhaust pipe of that bus made it look like your policeman was taking a leak on the street (Bad Placement #1 below).

So check out the ads below, which, whether intentionally or not, really didnt benefit from their placement.

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