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Over the hump… the Christmas Special


Over the hump… the Christmas Special


Deck the halls, dress the tree, get the beers in the fridge, put on the Santa hat and hail the Christmas bandicoot.

It’s a very Aussie Christmas here at OTH headquarters and there’s so much crazy Christmas stuff that we had to put together a bumper Christmas Special.

Historically, Christmas specials are not a sound investment. There have been successes (The Family Ties and Golden Girls Christmas specials hold good memories) but the majority have been low points.

The greatest example of recent memory was George Lucas’ ill-fated Star War Christmas extravaganza – despite ol’ George’s distancing himself from the special (he claims the studio bosses wanted to captialise on the success on the movies with his misgivings about the idea) this dog will always be remembered for being weird, terribly produced and written, but after all that still strangely alluring (though I’m not sure ‘Happy Life Day’ has caught on…).

A big part of the silly season is the office Christmas party. While some companies have taken the Scrooge approach, many are still having a function of some sort (some as Spartan as a portable BBQ in the office carpark on a rainy morning). Every year at least one or two people get off their clock and embarrass themselves in some way. For those people, check out the latest instructional video from Drinkaware, a UK charity for responsible drinking awareness. You’re taken through an office party with your hero ‘Alex’ who shows you how to have a great time after ‘last year’s effort’ (Elvis Presley karaoke with no music… we’ve all been there).

It’s your last day at work – are you looking for something to waste a couple of minutes? Then dress up the Christmas Jesus! Whether you like him as a gingerbread man or even the Grinch, this guy is ‘hanging out’ for some new duds (too harsh?).

Don’t have time to send out personalised cards this year? Hit the town of Snowdin for a brilliant little e-card app that, like a lot of the great apps that have appeared this year, you can attach your photo to (is anyone sick of these ‘add your face into the fun’ apps?). I did a great one of the boss’s wife that was hilarious. By the way, does anyone have know of any jobs going for a ‘crazy internet crap’ researcher?

Finally, while it may not have much to do with Christmas, there is possibly nothing that embodies the spirit of the season more than Beaker from the Muppets singing the Ode to Joy.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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