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Paid for: best job in the world


Paid for: best job in the world


Tourism Queensland’s ‘The Best Job In The World’ campaign has outdone Tourism Australia’s sponsorship of Baz Luhrmann’s movie Australia.

Despite its cost of $1.7 million, juxtaposed with Australia sponsorship priced at $40 million, ‘The Best Job In The World’ campaign has been valued at $200 million.

The campaign has set a new record at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, receiving three Grand Prixs for public relations, direct advertising and web.

Don Morris, chairman of Tourism Queensland, said the campaign has become a case study on how to use social media.

No one has done this as a simple business story. This is a seriously interesting case study of how to use social media. Tourism Australia put $40 million into the Australia movie and it is ranked something like 469. The Queensland Government put $1 million and partners another $700,000 into the Best Job campaign, said Morris.

The integrated campaign began with print ads, but soon moved to web, YouTube and social media.

While the campaign was launched in the core target market of the UK, Morris said the campaign had transcended borders, bringing a massive ROI in Europe, North America and south east Asia.

It is estimated three billion people were exposed to the campaign.

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