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Planned Parenthood responds to Roe v Wade in powerful campaign

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Planned Parenthood responds to Roe v Wade in powerful campaign


In response to the globally controversial overturning of Roe V. Wade, America’s nonprofit Planned Parenthood has released an emotional campaign.

The campaign titled Force of Nature depicts a storm rolling over America. It features Natasha Rothwell, star of The White Lotus, narrating. Over the fading clips of the Roe v Wade news reports concerning the outcome, the video opens with powerful dialogue.

“We’ve all felt the storm coming; it’s been building for some time. Sweeping across the country, destroying our freedoms. Now, the storm is here.”

The spot goes on to show a teenage girl moving in a dark home whilst thunder rages outside. Then narrator describes that it’s the “worst storm we’ve seen in 50 years.” 

After this introduction, the spot shows no signs of slowing. It doesn’t mince words. 

“The Supreme Court has decided that abortions are under attack.”

The narrator goes on to say that the Supreme Court is “[planning] to steal far more than abortion.”

It’s an ominous if not powerful spot created by Planned Parenthood and Vice’s creative agency Virtue. It aims to cultivate solidarity and inspire community driven action during what is a critical moment in American history.

The spot finishes with a promise to keep on fighting. 

“But we’re built for this. We don’t stand by. We walk into the storm and turn its raw force into something transformative. Because we don’t fight for the world as it was or as it is. We fight for a just world for ourselves and generations to come.” 

Roe v Wade fight continues

It closes with an invitation. The invitation is for viewers to visit Planned Parenthood site to find healthcare resources and get involved in activism. 

The campaign launches this week on Planned Parenthood’s social channels and will air on television networks including CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Telemundo and more. It will also be activated via streaming placements on Roku and Youtube, on Spotify and on digital, with a range of special buys across news sites covering politics and abortion.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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