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Premium paper to be released by McSweeneys


Premium paper to be released by McSweeneys


US publisher McSweeney’s has announced its intention to release a one-off, 380-page newspaper that will be available globally.

The San Francisco-based publisher indicates that the project, entitled Panorama, has been produced in response to the plight of long-form publications disappearing from the US and around the world.

Newspapers in the US have been particularly hit hard by a fall in advertising revenue, meaning many have been forced to close down – the Seattle Daily, which had been running for 146 years, is an example of this.

McSweeney’s also indicates that there will be advertising space available for the one off project.

“We at McSweeney’s love newspapers. We love the internet too. But we believe that print newspapers are an invaluable part of the journalistic landscape. So we’ve spent five months collaborating with dozens of reporters, designers, photographers and authors on a 21st-century newspaper prototype. We think that the best chance for newspapers’ survival is to do what the internet can’t: use and explore the large-paper format as thoroughly as possible,” explained a Sweeney’s representative.

The newspaper will feature 112 pages of broadsheet, a 112-page magazine, 116-page book review section and three pull-out posters.

McSweeney’s was founded by author Dave Eggers 1998 as an independent literature publisher.

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