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Previous Lonely Planet title leverages iPad


Previous Lonely Planet title leverages iPad


Lonely Planet has redeveloped an old title, in an early demonstration of how to revisit content for the iPad.

Content owners of all varieties are looking at how to redevelop concepts or content for the iPad. Lonely Planet have revisited one title, 1000 Ultimate Experiences, extrapolating the text version to include photo and video.

“The multimedia capabilities of iPad allow us to offer travellers rich imagery and video, and have given us the opportunity to reinvent travel books in a playful and tactile way. You can really get lost in this experience in the way you would with a coffee table book, which is something you haven’t been able to do with digital media up until now,” said Chris Boden, Lonely Planets director of mobile and innovation.

In the near future the brand is planning to develop its Discover guides for the format.

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