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Qantas wins World Cup


Qantas wins World Cup


Qantas has been awarded first and third place for its TVCs screened on SBS during the 2010 World Cup, reported research firm Ipsos.

In a review of 26 TVCs broadcast on SBS during the World Cup, Qantas achieved first place for its ‘A380 business’ ad and third place with its ‘I still call Australia home’ ad. McDonalds came in second place with its ‘Supporting the supporters by being open late’ execution. World Cup themed ads scored higher in the review than those that didn’t capitalise on the theme.

“Many of the global brands have not altered the ads for the local market and as a result consumers felt they were generic soccer ads. This is where McDonald’s did so well. They recognised the time zone difference for the Aussie soccer fans and addressed this in their ads, said Ipsos ASI executive director Peter Fairbrother.

The review took the form of an online survey of 1,000 respondents between 18-64 years old who had watched the World Cup.

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