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Radio revenue slows: 0.3% growth


Radio revenue slows: 0.3% growth


Commercial Radio Australia has reported a small growth over March for radio advertising revenue of just 0.3% across the five major metropolitan markets. The slow growth figure, which compares to the same month last year, is down from an impressive start to the year in January, with a 2.61% year on year rise in revenue.

Unlike the January results, where Brisbane and Perth were the strongest performers, the March results were better news for Sydney and Melbourne markets, recording 2.3% and 1.78% revenue growth respectively.

Brisbane’s impressive results in January were a surprise, given the floods, but the recent plummet to sit well below $10 million in monthly revenue might suggest the damage of the disaster has caught up with advertisers.

“We are all operating in a very competitive media environment and the industry must be vigilant in ensuring radio is top of mind with advertisers,” Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner said.

Adelaide radio revenue also fell dramatically compared to last March, with a 5.19% drop, taking in just $5.288 million.

However, the Deloitte figures also show growth in revenue of 6.73% for the nine months year to date financial year (10/11) for the five major metropolitan markets, compared to the same timeframe a year earlier, with all markets recording growth.

Joan Warner said despite a slower month in March, the industry was still performing well given its solid growth over the past twelve months.

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