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Rolling Stone pimp its offering with a MySpace page


Rolling Stone pimp its offering with a MySpace page


Rolling Stone magazine is extending the brand’s presence into social networking site MySpace.

The monthly music magazine has launched its presence on MySpace (www.myspace.com/rollingstone) as part of an ongoing strategy to get closer to current and prospective readers.

Following the recent purchase of Rolling Stone, ACP Magazines relaunched the title with a revised format and a renewed focus on local Australian talent. Along with the announcement of a new website launched under ninemsn’s entertainment destination ‘The Fix’ before the end of the year, the Myspace presence is yet another example of ACP Magazine’s commitment to refreshing the brand and increasing its relevance in Australia.

Rolling Stone aims for the MySpace platform to build a two way relationship with readers that currently exists one way and once a month. The page will feature exclusive video content, audio interviews, breaking news and a forum for friends and readers to discuss reviews and opinions in the magazine as well as music news across Australia and the world.

Editor-in-Chief Matt Coyte said:

“Since taking over the operation of Rolling Stone, we’ve been busy improving the product and feedback to date has been incredibly positive. We’re keen to engage the younger festival-going audience and Myspace is the perfect way to reach and communicate with them.”

“Myspace will be Rolling Stone’s open forum to communicate with readers above the traditional letters page in the magazine. With so many things to distract Gen Y we can’t afford to rely on getting and keeping their attention just once a month. We have to be able to speak with them in their space and on their terms and they need to feel they can do the same with us.”

Holler Sydney designed the page and were an essential part of the team
consulting on the project while Myspace partnered to build the page

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