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Salmat has a facelift


Salmat has a facelift


Salmat has revealed a new corporate brand and marketing campaign to
highlight its connection to 20 million Australians every day. Developed
over a period of two years, Salmat’s joint managing directors Phil
Salter and Peter Mattick said the new branding clearly identifies each
of the company’s four business divisions, their distinctive operations
and market offer.

An advertising campaign in business and marketing press will start on
May 14 and will run until September, 2008. This and Salmat’s new
branding was developed by strategic brand marketing company Twenty20.

According to joint managing director, Phil Salter, “2007 was Salmat’s
biggest on record and included the integration of HPAL into Salmat and
establishing Lasoo.com.au to create Australia’s first online retail
offer search engine.”

“Almost 30 years ago, Salmat was the first company to recognise then
develop the distribution of catalogues into Australian homes on behalf
of retailers. This sector now far exceeds the value of any other media
used by the retail industry,” Phil said.

“Since then, through organic growth and acquisition, Salmat has become
Australia’s leading company facilitating direct communications between
companies and their customers.”

“We pioneered the outsourcing of many of the business processing needs
of Australian companies, significantly enhanced with our acquisition of
HPAL. Our purchase of Salesforce in 2006 meant the country’s leading
business call centre operator was now part of Salmat’s business and
with VECommerce and Dialect, we are leading in the field of voice
interactive and sms communications by companies.

According to joint managing director Peter Mattick, with a large number
of Australian businesses now using Salmat’s services, the company is
now in a position to highlight its competitive advantage in the
marketing landscape.

“Our clients now require solutions that mean they can communicate with
mass audiences one-to-one. Only Salmat can deliver that through its
four business divisions and we feel that now is the right time to be
talking about it,” Peter said. We are the only company with both the
technology and strategic capacity to deliver one-to-one communications
on a mass scale.

Mmm… pretty big claim to fame there, Salmat. Sounds like world domination is next on the list, Mr Mattick?

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