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Silverpops recession-beating advice


Silverpops recession-beating advice


Starting to sweat over the idea of recession? Watching the budget numbers daily to see if they dwindle? Apparently there are ways for marketers to weather a potential storm – via email marketing.

The latest white paper from Silverpop, ‘Seven Ways to Beat the Bear’, describes why a recession is the perfect time to kick your marketing program into high gear, and shares ‘seven secrets’ for strengthening your Market position and increasing ROI during a slowdown – possibly not by robbing your local bank.

You can download and check out the white paper by clicking on the company’s logo below.


The ‘seven secrets’ (which sounds remarkably like a Dan Brown novel title) include obtaining an agreement on ROI measurement, coordinating your messaging across multiple marketing channels and (not surprisingly) put email front and centre of your campaign.

According to the provider of permission-based email marketing solutions, while social and mobile marketing grab headlines, email marketing is still the revenue-producing workhorse it has always been.

It is true that online DM techniques are tried and true, but I’m sure there’ll be many social and mobile marketers that will disagree that it should be at the centre of a campaign.

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