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Singapore Airlines focusses on brand name for new budget carrier


Singapore Airlines focusses on brand name for new budget carrier


Naming a child, a pet, or even a new business is often a task that keeps many up late into the nights. For Singapore Airlines, the naming of its new no-frills airline had some clear guidelines – it had to show that the airline is different.

‘Scoot’ was the name decided upon, and according to CEO Campbell Wilson, the airline’s name is crucial in helping shape the branding and consumer impression of the new company.

“Rather than the tried and tired ‘airlines’ this, ‘airways’ that or ‘air’ yawn, it’s short, sharp and snappy. It stands out. It’s geographically independent, and can be a verb or a noun. Besides difference, it conveys spontaneity, movement, informality and a touch of quirkiness – all attributes we intend this company to be known for.”

The airline, which will launch mid-2012, will offer no-frills flight services on medium to long haul routes to and from Singapore.

The company’s website and Facebook page have already been activated even though bookings will only be taken from February onwards.

According to Wilson, the sites are used to introduce the brand and provide a point of reference for the company’s developments and recruitment plans.

There are also plans to involve the public in selecting the company’s tagline, where it will be chosen based on public votes.

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