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Stop overfeeding pets says RSPCA campaign


Stop overfeeding pets says RSPCA campaign


We’re fat, our kids are fat and now the RSPCA is telling us that our pets are fat as well.

Tackling the issue of people overfeeding their pets, the animal rights charity has created an online campaign featuring an animation of a dog being overfed by its owners.

Simon Tofield, who is behind the popular YouTube animation series ‘Simon’s Cat’, has previously donated proceeds from merchandise sales to the charity.

He has now put pen paper and has created a two-minute clip, ‘Fed Up’ starring Simon’s Sister’s Dog, for the organisation that highlights how feeding dogs scraps from the dinner table can lead to overweight pets.

It has notched up 16,245 views on Tofield’s YouTube page since being posted and the RSPCA is encouraging people to embed the clip on their websites. The charity has an online community, Pets Get Slim, helping people to help their pets lose weight.

Time for the Newspup to hit the park with the little red ball!

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