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Study finds eDMs influence growing


Study finds eDMs influence growing


A study on global consumers by e-Dialog has shown growth in the effectiveness of eDMs influencing purchasing activity.

The survey of 13,000 involved 13 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US.

The survey found 67% of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region had made a purchase in-store or over the phone as a result of receiving an eDM. The results in the Asia-Pacific region were significantly higher than the global average of 58%. On top of this, 65% of consumers in the region and 57% globally said they would be more likely to buy a product in a store after receiving eDM.

The survey also indicated that while websites are the preferred place for consumers to opt-in to email promotions, Asia-Pacific consumers are more likely to volunteer their email address through other platforms than those from Europe and the US. For example, 21% would be prepared to text their email address or to opt-in through a message on a social networking site, as compared to the global standards of 13% via mobile and 16% via social media.

“Brands that are simply using email as a direct-sales tool are missing an opportunity. Yes, it is a great means of driving online sales, but as the data suggests, its influence reaches so much further than the inbox,” said Darren Fifield, managing director of e-Dialog Asia Pacific.

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