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Sydney monorail gets connected with Bluetooth


Sydney monorail gets connected with Bluetooth


Sydney Monorail has launched a partnership with Breeze Tech to deliver a Bluetooth enabled transit network across its station platforms.

The ‘Station Innovation’ network, the first of its kind in Australia, enables advertisers to target customers in a unique environment combining out of home advertising with Bluetooth capability and on platform experiential activity.

Breeze Tech and Sydney Monorail have developed a package that enables advertisers to target consumers at individual stations or across the entire network. With the high dwell time, and captive audience on platform, it is an ideal environment for brands to engage with consumers.

Claire Gunn, director of Breeze Tech said We wanted to provide clients with flexibility so created two levels of package to appeal to those who wish to run local area advertising initiatives on a station by station level, and others who wish to dominate the entire network.

Breeze Tech is also creating a Monorail mobile application which can be downloaded to mobile phones via Bluetooth and Wap push. According to Breeze Tech, the mGuide will provide advertisers with branding and naming rights and contain information on tickets, stations and frequency of service. It will also include a range of ‘entertainment content’ such as news, sports and weather updates, information on what’s on in Sydney, as well as functionality for downloading ringtones and wallpapers. Breeze Tech is currently in discussions with content providers and expects to have content agreements finalised within the next few months.

Claire Gunn, Director of Breeze Tech added It was important for us to create content with high perceived user value relevant to the consumer’s environment, while at the same time enabling brands to engage consumers in a unique way.

Michelle Silberman, marketing director of Metro Transport commented We are really excited to be partnering with Breeze Tech on this initiative. We are looking forward to providing our customers with a new way of accessing information on the Monorail, as well as giving our advertisers the opportunity to communicate relevant offers to customers on platform.

The Newshounds view?

Theres quite a lot of buzz around Bluetooth of late, what with YoMo launching in Melbourne recently, and although executions involving out of home advertising have been a little hit and miss, I think transit might be the place where the technology comes into its own. Seriously, who wouldnt want to be able to access interesting and relevant content when youre stuck on the 55 to Domain Junction in Melbourne?

The big question with most of these Bluetooth services remains, however, are they actually going ot be able to bring really relevant and valuable content to people? I cant see a high opt-in rate if the service is saturated by ads with a smattering of weak content.

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