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Telstra cant get no customer satisfaction


Telstra cant get no customer satisfaction


Virgin Mobile has continued its impressive customer satisfaction record, again leading other Australian telcos in a survey taken by Roy Morgan Research.

It was good news all round, with the industry average customer satisfaction for mobile service providers increasing to 70% in August 2010, up from 69% in July. Virgin customers’ satisfaction (83%) still sits well above the industry average, with 3 Mobile rising up to second place with 76% customer satisfaction.

Optus (72%), and Vodafone (72%) drew for third place, with Vodafone falling from second place (74%) in July to equal third in the latest survey.

Telstra took out last place comfortably with 63% level of customer satisfaction.

“The top 3 reasons that satisfied customers have chosen their current service provider were on the basis of being offered cheaper rates, better network coverage and capped plans,’ said Roy Morgan’s director of mobile, internet and technology, Andrew Braun.

“Price and network coverage have been the compelling reasons for choice to date, but with the market moving towards product bundling, it will be interesting to see whether this impacts on mobile service provider selection and satisfaction ratings in future.”

Data: Study sample made up of 7,708 people who were the total main user of at least one mobile phone. “%
Satisfied” refers to the proportion of all customers who are “Very” or
“Fairly” satisfied with their overall service with that  mobile phone
service provider (on a five point scale).

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