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Ten ways market researchers can improve their pricing


Ten ways market researchers can improve their pricing


This month, I’ve been working with a few people in the market research industry, where structural change and economic factors are putting pressure on the industry’s pricing and revenue.

In this episode of ‘Ten Things’, I take a look at ten ways market research organisations can improve their pricing and thus their bottom line, including:

  1. Segment your clients,
  2. Segment your services,
  3. Develop less expensive alternatives (LEAs),
  4. Establish a centralised, or centre-led approach to pricing,
  5. Consider alternative pricing models,
  6. Offer a choice of pricing models,
  7. Ask for the client’s assessment criteria,
  8. Factor in contingencies to your pitch,
  9. Think about getting, as well as setting, prices, and
  10. Learn how to, and be prepared, to negotiate.



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Jon Manning

Jon Manning is principal consultant at Sans Prix, and founder and managing director of online pricing advisory service, PricingProphets.com.

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