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The results are in … were snowed under!


The results are in … were snowed under!


While some of us are finding time to stare into our crystal ball (35 percent), and a few of us are having trouble moving on (9 percent), the big number from this weeks poll is that marketers in Australia are, in the main, just trying to get through the day (56 percent).

When Bill Obermeier, Telstras outgoing director of Brand, Advertising and Sponsorship, was asked the same question at the Advertising and Marketing Summit, he said that he felt happy to say that he got to spend 80 percent of his time looking forward. He said that the corporate structure and the qualities of his coworkers meant that he was free to spend more of his time thinking strategicaly.

But for Australian marketers more generally it seems that finding the time to plan future strategy is more of a luxury. Only 35 percent of us are taking time to plan future strategy. But at least were not all stuck reliving past glories. Although the fact that only 9 percent of our respondents admit to reviewing and tracking existing projects does raise some questions about how we are reporting on the effectiveness of campaigns weve already put into the market.

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