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Tim Devine to DT Digital


Tim Devine to DT Digital


STW Group’s award winning digital agency, DTDigital, has appointed Tim Devine to the new role of Creative Technologist.

DTDigital’s General Manager, Brian Vella, said they were thrilled to have Tim join the team: “Tim comes to us with more than 10 years experience having studied with and worked for some of Europe’s leading institutions and companies. He has genuine experience with new forms of interface and interaction design. In his role, Devine will be delivering new types of customer experiences for clients, outside browser and mobile technologies.”

Vella said while blending creative thinking with technical innovation has always been part of DTDigital’s DNA, Devine also adds another dimension to the DTDigital offering.

“Having been with DTDigital for only a few weeks, Tim has already demonstrated his capabilities by developing and launching a unique Interactive Visual Merchandising (IVM) display,” he explained.

Vella said the IVM, titled ‘Candyland’, was shown at the recent International Catalogue Showcase. Designed to promote a new fictional range of underwear, passers-by saw a seemingly innocent projection of a girl standing in a window. As they approached, however, she undressed to model a range of underwear. Up close and personal.

Devine said this was just one example of the exciting technology available to clients.

“The beauty of IVM is in how it passively engages the viewer in a brand or product experience. This differs greatly from other visual merchandising strategies. Particularly in its ability to gesture people in almost the same way as we gesture to each other,” Devine said.

Prior to his employment at DTDigital, Devine had been working throughout Spain, Austria, Turkey and Hungary in various media labs, and is an active member of the artistic research group, Social Bits.

Devine is the latest in a string of appointments at DTDigital, with 20 talented staff joining the business since November last year.

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