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TNS research into Chinas consumers a boon to marketers


TNS research into Chinas consumers a boon to marketers


Global research company TNS has released a report detailing a collection of insights into Chinas consumers in the year of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game.


Jim Sailor, managing director, TNS China, says of the report, In 2007
we surveyed more than one million Chinese consumers in more than 300
cities, communicating with them via the internet, the phone or
face-to-face. The report summarises Chinas place on the world stage and provides
indelible evidence of Chinas strong media use – something all
marketers with an eye on the East will find interesting:

  • With a GDP in 2007 of RMB 24.6 trillion, China is a magnet to the world of business
  • China has 3,000 TV channels, and more than 20,000 cities and towns; more than 100 cities have a population greater than one million
  • China is a dynamic society – each year 20 million rural Chinese move to urban areas
  • Prosperity in China is on the rise; there were approximately 350,000 US$ millionaires in China by the end of 2007
  • At the end of 2007, there were 547,286 million mobile phone subscribers, and 210 million active Internet users
  • More than five million passenger vehicles were sold in China in 2007.

Especially interesting for many marketers contemplating international moves for their products and services, will be the rapid growth of mobile phone and internet usage in China.

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