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Top10: The ads of Super Bowl 2013


Top10: The ads of Super Bowl 2013


From the hundreds of millions spent on media time alone by around 65 TV advertisers rises a few select executions from this year’s Super Bowl.

Movie studios, big FMCG brands, smartphone giants, auto makers and consumer brands shelled out a reported $4 million per thirty seconds of media time to feature in the 47th Super Bowl.

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Despite the high price tag, there were many executions among the field that were underwhelming in Marketing‘s opinion, and few, if any, that have a viral hit feel to them. The order of the following 10 ads is based partly on the voting system on the NFL’s website, as well as a little editorial discretion from the Marketing team.

10. Jeep – ‘Whole Again’

Taking the coveted pre-half-time entertainment spot, Jeep put together a rousing story of American nationalism around the country’s war heroes in an attempt to embed the brand in the heart of the nation.


9. Hyundai – ‘Team’

In this ad for the auto maker’s Sante Fe SUV, a bullied child gets to play football against the older kids in the park by assembling a team of superhuman pre-schoolers.


8. Best Buy – ‘Asking Amy’

Comedian Amy Poehler asks a Best Buy salesman some prickly, sexually-suggestive, hilarious questions to reinforce the retailer’s bricks-and-mortar stores as a point of assistance for shoppers.


7. Dodge Ram – ‘Farmer’

In a slice of well-targeted Americana, conservative radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s ‘So God Made a Farmer’ speech narrates a montage of images commissioned from 10 American photographers. There’s no doubt it was well received among the target audience.

6. Wonderful Pistachio – ‘Get Crackin’

Psy and pistachios: together at last (!). The nut brand bought the Korean megastar’s endorsement to deliver the message of going nuts for pistachios.


5. Tide – ‘Miracle Stain’

“I saw the stain!” exclaims a football fan in this spot for laundry detergent tide, in which a man drops sauce on his jersey in the shape of ex-player Joe Montanna’s head.


4. Oreo – ‘Whisper fight’

The age old question – cookies or cream – is brought to life in this execution as its characters get into heated arguments over the answer.


3. Doritos – ‘Goat 4 Sale’

This fan-made execution, featuring a goat, was one of the winners from Doritos’ ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ crowdsourcing campaign.


2. Taco Bell – ‘Viva Young’

Set to a Spanish rendition of the song ‘We Are Young’ by Fun., Taco Bell sends the message it’s a brand for the young at heart with a troupe of party-loving senior citizens.


1. Audi – ‘Prom’

The cinematic story of a young man going to prom to get the girl, his confidence boosted by taking his dad’s Audi.



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