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Touchdown! Brought to you by Pepsi?


Touchdown! Brought to you by Pepsi?


A video advertising technology has been released allowing advertisers to display their message at key moments during sporting matches.

Developed by Australian technology company, Demand Sport, using specific triggers the technology allows advertisers to place brand messages at exciting moments during a game, such as a goal in football or an ace in tennis, when viewed online. The messages are able to be displayed anywhere from top of screen to full screen. The company believe exposure to messages at emotional times increases brand-recall.

“The whole concept is synchronising brand messages with a special moment in a game. Our technology allows an advertiser to show different ads to different supporters at the same moment. For example, a brewery might show an upbeat ad to supporters when their team scores and a commiseration ad to opposition supporters at the same time,” said Luke Reinehr, Demand Sport’s CEO and co-founder.

The technology reportedly integrates location, team, gender and other parameters in targeting the advertisement served.

“We have also been approached by non-sporting web publishers. The technology and process is not limited to sports, as most video content has clear ‘pivotal’ moments. We can see this being used in other online video content mediums such as news, and entertainment,” said Reinehr.

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