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UK vs. Oz in post-Olympics stoush


UK vs. Oz in post-Olympics stoush


An unofficial sporting rivalry with the UK has turned into a media-sponsored campaign after a bet between the nations’ sporting ministers spilled over.

UK daily The Sun delivered a triumphant message to Aussies after Britain scooped 19 gold medals against Australia’s 14.

The paper sent advertising vans around Sydney and London with a billboard asking their rivals -“Where the bloody hell were you?” mimicking Australia Tourism’s famous gaff: “Where the bloody hell are you?”

Meanwhile, the UK’s sports minister, Gerry Sutcliffe, was celebrating after winning a bet with his Australian counterpart Kate Ellis, who as a result must parade around in a UK-themed shirt at her next major sporting event (gee those pollies go for the high stakes, don’t they?).

Did the stunt provoke a response from any of the Australian news outlets? Naturally.

Not shy of getting into a fight, the Daily Telegraph has returned fire with its own campaign, enlisting oOhmobile! to aid in its retaliation.

oOh! quickly got a truck installed with Where the bloody hell were we? Above you on the medal tally! with the tally comparing Australia with England only (not accounting for the other countries in Great Britain).

This truck is currently doing the rounds throughout Sydney’s metro area.

Whatever the response The Sun may be conjuring up, Newspup imagines that this furore may not die down in hurry.

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