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Westfield takes the mall online


Westfield takes the mall online


Shopaholics who don't enjoy escalators, car travel, crowds and the sight of teenage girls in ugg boots are in for a treat, with shopping mall Westfield's online offering stepping up.

Frank Lowy has showed his suburban monster company is a fair way ahead of other old money mogul Gerry Harvey, with a pretty impressive website that offers stock from over 130 retailers. The website came online late last year and has grown rapidly, and features some retailers who haven’t even set up shop in a Westfield mall ever.

Westfield will launch a large scale digital and PR campaign to raise awareness of the site, with banner ads and videobroadcasting online, as well as staging ‘the country’s biggest ever runway show’ at Customs House in Sydney, with 100 models.

“The opening of westfield.com.au to online transactions is another example of the ongoing adaption of Westfield to the ever-changing retail market place,” said Robert Jordan, Westfield’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand. “The use of digital technology by shoppers to both assist their in-store shopping experience, as well as to transact online, is enhancing the ways shoppers can interact with retailers.”

Jordan says the website is just the start of Westfield’s incursion in to the digital space.

“Westfield anticipates that it will continue to grow and adapt its digital offerings,” he said, “including mobile and social connectivity into the future.”

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