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Why brand USA is bankrupt and how to relaunch it again


Why brand USA is bankrupt and how to relaunch it again


I just arrived in LAX, after five hours talking with a philosophy honours student from Harvard who thought the population of the USA was one billion, China two billion and Australia one million.

I walked down the bridge-walk and into the terminal. The first thing I saw was a picture of George W Bush. What is that about? Am I supposed to feel greeted and welcomed? … by the most aggressive US government since war time?

At the same time I started to think about the brand USA and how it has fallen from being a mega-brand in the 80s to now something more like a brand you would find hanging on the rack alongside a Hawaiian shirt, the box-set of LA Law and a sign that reads in God we trust, please take this shit.

My feeling is that the all-American culture is well past its use-by-date and the appeal and glamour that once rode shotgun for this brand, has been replaced by an inarticulate fool in a bad blue suit determined to let his foreign policy obliterate humanity, both in his own country through outrageous mismanagement, and that of the countries he invades. The world will look back in 50 years in disbelief that we let this happen.

My question to you is not whether you agree or disagree with me. If you disagree, you are clearly a moron or are reading this from middle America, a place you have never left.

My question is what can the USA do from here to re-establish itself as a brand?

The first thing I would do if Brand Behaviour was the mob that got the job of turning the bush train-wreck around, is launch a high profile campaign globally with the tagline

Sorry, we are actually good people, weve just been mislead.

But what would you do? What would the brand promise be for the relaunch of brand USA?


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