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Will that be pin, or sign? – Google issues AdWords credit card


Will that be pin, or sign? – Google issues AdWords credit card


Google issues new AdWords Business credit card to encourage US SMEs to purchase search advertising on credit.

At the time of writing, the US debt clock states that the US public debt is sitting at USD14.3trillion. It certainly isn’t chump change, and one would assume that credit spending in the US would be made illegal for the time being, if only to stop that amount from growing any larger.

It is therefore to our surprise that Google would choose this rather untimely occasion to launch yet another new credit card!

While holders of this new credit card won’t be able to use it on extravagant purchases, the new Google Adwords Business credit card will allow businesses to purchase Google adwords and seach advertising on the website on credit.

In an effort to maintain a lead against competitors like Yahoo and Microsoft, Google has launched the card in the US with an interest rate of 8.99%.

Google’s vice president of global online sales Claire Johnson told reporters in the US: “The credit card was designed to help small and medium-sized businesses that advertise in Google but who don’t have the funds to support a heavy ad campaign ahead of a big sales season, such as holidays”.

With Google’s global revenue of 2010 standing at USD29.3billion and 93% of this deriving from search advertising, it is of no surprise that the search giant would allow search advertising to be bought on credit.

When approached to comment on this new release, a Google spokesperson told Marketing: “We are beta testing the AdWords Business credit card with a small group of our U.S-based advertisers. AdWords is a tremendous driver of growth for small businesses, so we think it makes sense to give them a more attractive way to pay for AdWords”.

Google Australia, however, did not comment on whether the credit card will be released for Australian businesses.


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