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You’ve got Avon mail!


You’ve got Avon mail!


Move over Tupperware, stand aside Hoover, Avon is expanding its calling cards to the podcast in an attempt to further move its UK business model from the footpath to online.

Digital Avon Lady make-up artist Jackie Tyson and real life Avon representative, Hannah Rowlett, will feature in the podcast, scheduled to go live on August 26, 2008.

Its contents include the two women answering questions inspired by typical questions posed by customers to Avons 170,000 UK representatives. It will also include tips and handy hints on how to get the latest looks and which products are the ‘new black’.

The first podcast will focus on Avons collaboration with Marimekko, the Finnish design house that lends its floral motif to Avons colour collection, and feature a discussion on Avons new fragrance launches: the exclusive Bond Girl 007 perfume.

While this is a change in the way the company is spreading the good Avon name, don’t expect it to replace the old doorbell ring and the “Avon calling!” that we all have grown to either love or loathe.

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